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July 23rd, 2014
06:03 pm


500 Palestinians Dead in the Gaza -- Hooray!
I have heard that something like 20 Israeli soldiers and 500 Palestinians have died in the Gaza War.

This is good news.

It means that, at the very start of the fighting -- when Hamas is at its strongest -- the Israelis are killing the Palestinians at a ratio of 25 to 1.  The fact that some of those 500 Palestinians are civilians does not reduce the achievement, since the Palestinians have been trying to kill Israeli citizens all through the conflict.  They have been failing.  The Hamas rockets are intercepted, the raiding teams find not glory but instead a moment of fear and pain as the Israelis winkle out their tunnels and destroy them like the vermin they are.

Jews around the world should not apologize for this.  We should celebrate it, and when the local anti-Semites come to "teach us a lesson," we should do the same to them as the Israelis are doing to Hamas.  Apologizing for success only invites more attacks, while punishing those who attack us discourages more such attacks in the future.

May Israel continue this attack on the Gaza until the city is leveled and its occupants dying in the ruins.  I know that the Israelis will probably stop short of such a victory, but may Israel take it as far as they find politically possible.  Every dead Hamas now is one more who won't have to be killed in the future.

I hope that mujehadeen from all around the world flock to embattled Gaza, to give the Israeli Defense Force live fire training and by their own deaths slightly improve the average level of the intellect and morality of the human race.  I am always happy when terrorists willingly leap into the meatgrinder -- it's too bad that we ended the Iraq War so soon, because we probably killed hundreds of thousand of the bastards there.  Now the Israelis can do the necessary work of killing at least a few hundred, or few thousand, in the Gaza.

Mazel Tov.

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July 21st, 2014
08:55 pm


Utter Hilarious Hilarity About Wiscon
Apparently, Wiscon faces some sort of "threat from within."  Not sure if this is pedophiles, Republicans or Changelings, but it's a big scary threat.  And the noble heroes and heroines who have already made Wiscon the envy of all progressives by reinstituting racial segregation want to rally to stop the big scary threat.  Whatever the heck it is.

The problem is that they think that "patriarchy" means, well ... let me quote the full glorious absurdity of this ...

I think Wiscon tries to work with the ideal of democratic anarchy, with large, broad-based communities working together to hash out actions without a centralized authority to impose ideas by force. Centralized forceful authority that can hammer down Rules From On-High is, as I understand it, the defining characteristic of patriarchy. Whether or not that authority has a penis or not. This particular meaning of "patriarchy" is a concept of how to do things, not something that is around people who identify as "male".

Here is the hilarious post.  I urge all serious-minded sympathizers with the glorious struggle of the People's Democratic Republic of Wiscon to join in to congratulate them on their super-serial attempts to fight the patriarchy!

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July 18th, 2014
05:08 am


Potential Israeli Retaliation for the Unprovoked Missile Attacks Against Israel?
Given that Israel gave back the Gaza for peace, and that Israel has manifestly not only not had peace, but that the Gaza is now being used as a platform to launch unprovoked missile attacks against Israel, there is clearly neither any international-legal nor moral reason remaining for Israel not to take back the Gaza and drive out all the Palestinian Arabs from that land.  I'm not sure that there is any really-good practical reason not to do so either -- I doubt that Israel's foes could politically summon the will to mount an effective blockade against Israel, and if they did, an Israel with the Gaza under its control could mount a very easy counter-blockade which would hurt the blockaders' economies very dearly -- she could close the Suez Canal.

Am I missing something here?

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July 1st, 2014
09:50 pm


Palestinian Authority murders three Israeli teens, one of them an American citizen.
Having formally allied with Hamas, the Palestinian Authority is now responsible for the murder of three Israeli teenagers -- one of whom was also an American.  I doubt that President Obama is going to do anything about it.  After all, it was just a Jew, and I have to assume by now that he feels that Jews should die on general principles.

Israel is bombing and rocketing Hamas positions, but that's not really going to accomplish anything long-term.  What Israel needs to do is to begin taking territory from the Palestinian Authority and driving out the Palestinians from that territory. Make them suffer a permanent consequence for this perfidy.

And stop releasing Palestinian criminals.

Israel, are you ever going to learn?

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June 27th, 2014
11:07 pm


Bosnian Serbs Honor Terrorist Murderer Gavrilo Princip For Wrecking Europe
On June 28th, 1914, Gavrilo Princip, an agent of the Serbian terrorist organization The Black Hand, murdered the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, who were visiting Sarajevo on a goodwill visit.  This barbaric and unprovoked murder precipitated World War One, resulting in the deaths of 50 million, including half to three-quarters of a millions of Serbians -- 11 to 18 percent of the Serbian population.  World War One was the start of the decline of Europe and the de-civilization of the Third World.

Today, the Bosnian Serbs unveiled a statue in honor of Gavrilo Princip.

All I can say about this is that it makes me wish that the Western Powers used East Sarajevo as a bomb range, both to improve the accuracy of our weapons systems, and for the sheer amusement value of watching the little human-shaped figures run about madly as death comes on them from above.  Really, any people who honor the man who -- more than any other -- directly wrecked the 20th century, do not deserve to survive as a coherent culture.

The fact that the Bosnian Serbs have suffered horribly from his actions, having taken terrible losses in both World Wars and in the Yugoslav Civil War of the 1990's, merely goes to show that we wouldn't even have to feel guilty about their deaths, as they are clearly non-sapient.

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June 19th, 2014
12:51 pm


Some Flaws in Creationist Epistimology
Creationists reason as if there were a binary choice::  Currently Accepted Scientific Theory vs. Biblical Literalism.  This dichotomy is irrational, and it's at the heart of why nobody who understands science takes Young Earth Creationists very seriously in intellectual terms.

The Currently Accepted Scientific Theory is "currently accepted" not because the secret arcane councils of the Technocracy decree it, but because it is the one supported by the plurality (in practice, usually majority and overwhelming majority at that) of the evidence.  One always, rationally, picks the theory which has the most evidence supporting it.  If new discoveries produce new evidence that more strongly supports another theory, support shifts to that theory, which becomes Currently Accepted Science.

To take one obvious example, a century ago geologists believed that the continents were fixed in place.  There was a lot of evidence for this, most notably that (with the less advanced surveying equipment of the day) nobody saw continents sliding around (because they do so too slowly to be observed save by very precise measurements, such as those obtainable by orbital laser rangefinders).  Also, since it was assumed that the crust was solid and sitting on solid rock until one reached depths sufficient to directly melt silicon, nickel and iron, it was hard for the physicists of the day to see how there could be the necessary flexibility in the system.

Paleontologists, however, noticed something interesting.  There were frequent examples of faunal or floral groups which existed at the margin of one continent and continued on the margin of the next one over, often with rather large oceans between them.  What's more, this tended to be noticed between continents whose coastlines geographers saw kind of fit together, such as South America and Africa.

Geologists attempted to explain this by postulating that in the past the sea bottoms had risen and fallen (actually true for some sea bottoms, but not the deep oceanic ones) creating "land bridges" between these continents (a good example of a real "land bridge" is the drowned land of Beringia connecting Northeast Siberia and Alaska).  This concept of extreme sea floor rises and falls lasted from the late 19th to mid 20th century as the Currently Accepted Scientific Theory.

Then science discovered things which contradicted this CAST.  Did the scientists then go "Oh, we were wrong -- Genesis must be accurate!  All the animals and plants of the world were put where ever we found them by God, no land bridges needed?"

Of course not.

What happened was that a US Navy expedition mapped the Atlantic seafloor (my biological father was on that expedition, as an ordinary seaman) and they discovered something interesting.  Namely, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge -- one of the longest mountain ranges on Earth (humans had long notice the large really high part of it called "Iceland") -- and there was something odd about this ridge.  The rocks along the ridge are very[ young, but as you move out along the seafloor away from the ridge, the rocks get older and older until you hit the continents.

In a blinding flash the mechanism driving continental drift became plain.  New oceanic crust is spawned by the volcanoes of the mid-oceanic ridges, and this oceanic crust pushes the continents about, just like convection currents pushing the congealed stuff on the top of really hot soup.  What's more, geophysics had advanced over the ensuing decades (thanks in part to seismological data) and it was now understood that very hot solid rock behaves like a very viscous liquid rather than a true solid -- the crust floats on a structurally weak  aesthenosphere which comprises the upper mantle, providing the flexibility which enables the continents to (slowly) move.

Young Earth Creationism is so poorly supported by evidence, and there is so much direct evidence against it, that it isn't even in the running, where pretty much any science is concerned.  And that's not because the Scientific Establishment are Meanies who won't give it a chance.  It's because the Universe is speaking to us in the language of logic, and rather firmly saying "No" to the Biblical Literalist claims.

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June 18th, 2014
10:00 am


Matriarchy Is Rule by MOTHERS, Not Social Justice Warrior Wymyn
One thing modern radical feminists deeply get wrong is in their notion that a matriarchy would be ruled by women who avoided men and that icky childbirth stuff.  They miss the meaning of "matriarchy" -- rule by mothers, just as a "patriarchy" is rule by fathers (if they just want to say "rule by women," the term would be "gynarchy").

The etymology is not accidental.  The most influential men in any low-tech community are usually older men who have children.  The "children" part is important, because it means that there are other men whose minds they have helped to mold and who are (unless the older men are doing something very wrong) fundamentally loyal to them.  In clan-based cultures such as those portrayed in Genesis through Judges, having loyal warriors is very important to a patriarch.

Likewise, in a "matriarchy" the most influential women will be older mothers of many children.  Whether this is the kind of matriarchy in which the women do the managing and the men the fighting (the closest real human cultures have ever come to matriarchies) or a fantasy one where the women rule the battlefields with magic, having more children makes one more important, especially in a clan-based culture, for the same reason as is true in a patriarchy.

This means that the leaders of a matriarchy are going to be tough, probably rather unsentimental grandmothers -- kind enough to the ones they care for, but highly-realistic about the darker sides of life.  Think less the naive young grrrl-power advocate festooned with Social Justice buttons and more the traditional frontier granny, rifle in hand and gimlet eye fixed on you and your starry-eyed hopes and dreams.  As for liking men -- and children -- especially in a low-tech society where bringing a child from conception to age five can be very difficult (50% or higher mortality rate for the whole process), a woman not enamored of both will be unlikely to succed at the "matri-" part of the term.

Alas for the wymyn Social Justice Warriors, their fantasy of "matriarchs" shall we never have with us.  Because power in human societies just doesn't work the way they imagine.


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June 13th, 2014
11:10 pm


Gathering Storm in the Mideast
As many may now be aware, a radical Islamofascist organization, ISIS, which had been fighting in the Syrian Civil War, has now invaded Iraq.  With amazing speed, they have vanquished one Iraqi military formation after another, and are wreaking dreadful atrocities on the helpless civilian population.  Mosul and Tikrit have fallen.  Advancing ISIS forces have nearly reached the gates of Baghdad.  Given the amazing displayed incompetence of the Iraqi military -- amazing even to me, and I never had a very high opinion of them to begin with -- it is far from certain that the Iraqi regime will survive the next month.

I am astonished by the lack of  popular appreciation of the seriousness of these events.  Whether or not ISIS triumphs -- and they have many weaknesses -- the ease with which they have advanced into Iraq, and the alacrity and desperation with which the Iraqi regime accepted Iranian help -- are both terrifying in their implications for the instability of the region.  A mere faction in Syria's civil war was able to defeat whole divisional-strength regular Iraqi Army units.  This means that the strength of Iraq must be counted as minimal against any real combatant force.  And Iran can operate freely within Iraq now.  That means that any hope to contain Iran is now delusional.

General war in the Mideast now seems to me, within a very few years, to be all but inevitable.  The crisis will come while the clot of hair and pretty pretty pants calling itself Barack Hussein Obama still clogs the White House, before America will actually have a President capable of executing the functions of his office.  Hence, America's influence over events for any good purpose may be assumed null.

"Thereafter mighty forces were adrift, the void was open, and into that void stepped a maniac of ferocious genius, the repository and expression of the most virulent hatreds that have ever corroded the human breast ..." (Winston Churchill, The Gathering Storm).

Mighty forces are adrift, the void is open.  Who shall step into it?  That, alone, remains to be revealed.

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June 11th, 2014
07:01 am


Tea Party Candidate Ousts GOP House Majority Leader in Virginia Primary!!!

A previous unknown, Dave Brat, defeated House Majority leader Eric Cantor in the Virginia Republican Primaries for the Seventh District of Virginia.  Eric Cantor had notoriously been a friend of President Crisply Creased Pair-of-Pants Lightworker Obama, and had been in favor of open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Cantor is the first House Majority leader of either party to be defeated in the primaries since 1899.

Brat campaigned on restoring the US Constitution, limited government, border security and free enterprise.  He won the Republican primary 56-44%, and this is a fairly safe Republican district, so he is likely to win the Federal elections and keep the seat Republican.

This should be a wake-up call to the Republican Party that they cannot keep their seats by compromising with Obama's attempted coup-from-above.  Let's see if the party learns from this, or commits electoral suicide in Pyrrhic wrath that its RINO leadership is being challenged.

Hopefully, this may be the beginning of some very good things for America -- and some very bad things for Obama and his fellow-criminals.

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June 4th, 2014
08:28 am


The Other Shoe Dropping -- Situational Morality and Hostage Deals
By now, many of you know that President Barack Hussein Obama, perhaps the stupidest or most treacherous man to ever occupy the office of President of the United States of America, has traded five top-ranking Taliban members taken prisoner years ago for the return of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl -- a man who was almost certainly either a deserter or -- worse -- a defector to the Taliban.

Six American soldiers have already tried trying to "rescue" the probably-traitorous Sgt. Bergdahl, and now -- with the release of five highly-dangerous enemy leaders -- many Americans and Afghanis will almost certainly die as the price of Obama's attempt to make himself look good.

Why did Obama do this?  Why would he engage in a prisoner exchange while a war was still going on?  Why one on terms so idiotically-favorable to the enemy?  How could he imagine that this would make him look good?  And why are some Americans willing to give him a pass on this incredibly-incompetent behavior?

Part of the problem is that progressive situational morality is very vulnerable to being beaten in a social game.  See, a code of honor plays the game long-term; situational morality short-term, and one can beat situational morality by putting the holder of that belief in a situation where yielding avoids an immediate bad result at the cost of accepting a longer-term worse-result.

"Hostage" situations are prime examples of this.  One yields something long-term important to "save the hostages" and then -- if one is playing to a political audience who <i>also</i> think short-term, one can proudly demonstrate that one has "saved the hostages," while the alternative -- of accepting that it is always the hostage-taker who controls his own actions and that hence one <i>isn't</i> "making" him harm the hostages (or, for that matter, spare them) is seen as "putting ideology above human lives."

Here is the logical conclusion of the hostage fallacy.  If one can be manipulated into making real political concessions (such as releasing dangerous prisoners) by the enemy threat of maltreating genuine prisoners, than making that threat toward deserters or defectors works equally well.  The enemy is taking advantage of the mistake Jimmy Carter made in 1979-81, and the other shoe has dropped.

And Obama is either a fool, or a traitor.

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