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jordan179 - A Curious Lunar Symbol in "Castle-Mania"
December 1st, 2013
09:52 am


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A Curious Lunar Symbol in "Castle-Mania"

I am curious to know if anyone else sees what I see when they look at this scene from "Castle-Mania."  It's at 14:53.  There are two tapestries in the throne room, one over Luna's and one over Celestia's throne, and obviously symbolizing the two sisters.  Celestia's is a fairly normal solar symbology depicting the Sun nurturing the Earth's life.  Luna's, on the other hand ...

... Is that a stylized atomic symbol (and for deuterium at that) showing something being launched from Earth orbit toward the Moon?  So, am I seeing Moondreamer's old obsession here, somehow telepathically transported backwards in time to our universe (shades of hyper- and tachyspace) to affect an episode shot long before I even had my idea? Or have I just been working way too hard on Trinity?

Remember kids, Dr. Finemare says that D+T=He+neutron+energy.  Don't try this outside a containment system, and remember to shield against those happy fun free neutrons!

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Date:December 2nd, 2013 03:00 pm (UTC)
Neutrinos want to be free!
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