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Oakland, California, United States
Fantastic Worlds.
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adventure time, archaeology, architecture, arthur c. clarke, clark ashton smith, classical history, comics, cyclic history, david brin, david weber, e. e. "doc" smith, economics, edmond hamilton, eric flint, evolutionary biology, fantasy, fiction, generational dynamics, gravity falls, h. beam piper, h. p. lovecraft, harry turtledove, historical fiction, history, horror, isaac asimov, islamism, islamofascism, jack vance, jerry pournelle, john c. wright, larry niven, lin carter, military history, missile defense, my little pony nature, olaf stapledon, paleontology, planetology, poul anderson, robert a. heinlein, role-playing, s. m. stirling, science, science fiction, sociology, space, space colonization, space exploration, stephen baxter, victorian history, walking, war on terror, wargames, zoology
I was born in the Bronx and lived on the East Coast, mostly in New York, until bad business decisions wiped me out. Now I'm starting over again in the San Francisco Bay area, where I have family. My goal in life is to become a professional science fiction writer. I write and edit Fantastic Worlds, a fantastic fiction blogzine. I am very happily married.