jordan179 (jordan179) wrote,

Jews: This Is About YOU

This is sort of an open letter to all the Jews in the world -- including those who were born Jewish but became something else (usually atheists) as in my own case.

When you see those mobs of demonstrators, in Western countries, condemning Israel's recent war in the Gaza, full of hate and (increasingly) willing to become violent toward anyone who disagrees with them?  What they hate is only secondarily the government of Israel, or even the Israeli people.  What they hate are Jews.  You, me, and all the other Jews in the world.  Us.

There are a number of proofs of this, but I'll mention the two most important ones.

The first one is that they are condemning Israel for the sort of self-defensive military action they would either ignore or approve if it were coming from any other country on Earth save a Jewish one.  Hamas has been bombarding Israel with rockets and surface-to-surface-missiles.  The Israelis have responded with an attack aimed at suppressing the fire of those missiles.  Hamas has also been attempting to launch raiding parties into Israel to kill Israeli civilians.  Israel has been destroying the tunnels the Gazans dug for this raid.

Yes, innocents have died due to the Israeli counterattacks.  Innocents die in every war.  They are most likely to die when the combatants deliberately position their arsenals and launchers around hospitals and residential areas, as Hamas has done.  The fact that the death toll has been only 1 Gazan citizen per Hamas combatant slain shows that Israel has gone out of her way to avoid killing civilians.  If Israel were not, there would be thousands of dead Gazan civilians every day.

It is rather clear that the reason why Israel is not allowed to defend herself from violent attack is because she is a Jewish state.  If this is to be accepted, then by what logic do you imagine that you are personally allowed to defend yourself from violent attack, given that you are a Jewish person?

The second one is that, in fact, the Gaza War has been accompanied by violent physical attacks on Jews around the world.  Not on Israelis.  On Jews.  Sometimes, on Jewish children, as has become horribly common in Western Europe.  Why are non-Israeli Jews being attacked in response to the actions of Israeli Jews?  Rather obviously, because the ire of the attackers is not against Israel.  It is against Jews.

My fellow Jews, have you noticed how many of those you counted as ideological allies have turned on you over this?  You will find in those hate-filled, chanting mobs, members of various organizations you have always seen as being on the Left, marching right alongside those who are waving pictures of Hitler, swastikas and signs taunting Jews with references to the Holocaust.

Might I perhaps, tentatively, point out to you that crowds of people waving swastikas are probably not your friends?

Why do you keep on voting Left-wing leaders into power?  Seriously, do you imagine that the US Republicans or the British Tories or for that matter even the local Nationalist parties are going to be any more hostile to you than this? 
Tags: ideology, military, politics
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