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Mark Steyn Dissection of Obama Movement

Here ...

I found particularly amusing this part:

On the other hand, if you're running for president not as an unexceptional first-term senator with a thin resume but as the new Messiah, the new Kennedy, the new Gandhi, the new Martin Luther King, you can't blame folks for leaping ahead to the next stage in the mythic narrative. Around the world, a second instant subgenre has sprung up in which commentators speculate how long it will be before some deranged Christian-fundamentalist neo-Nazi gun-nut deprives America of its fleeting wisp of glory.

Steyn follows by quoting a truly manaical Obama-gets-assassinated fantasy done by Earl MacRae in The Ottowa Sun.

Here's part of it:

"They do not want to hear that he is a better American than they are, these right-wing extremist fascists in the land of America who no doubt believe it's God's will Barack Obama not get to the White House, no method of deterrence out of bounds, in their zealotry to protect and perpetuate Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Mom's apple pie and the cross of Jesus in every home."

Among the funniest aspect of this is that MacRae apparently does not know the meaning of "deterrence," and imagines "Roy Rogers" and "John Wayne" to be symbols of racist assassinations (to the younger among you Gentle Readers: they were cowboy movie actors!!!) Oh, and there's an inexplicable hostility here for "Mom's apple pie" (I think it's yummy!) and "the cross of Jesus," the last being especially odd since Barack Obama is famously Christian.

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